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Fluidmotions has been putting smiles on the faces of its customers since it was established in 1997. Whether its learning a new sport, working on technique, or just riding the wild Banana Boat, Fluidmotions can make it happen. Over the many years of coaching, we at Fluidmotions have developed a fool proof method that will help you reach your goals whether your 4 years old or 80. Whether your a beginner or a weekend warrior, we can help! 

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If you think that this is only a ride for kids, you would be seriously mistaken. Although we do tame it down for the young ones, we turn up the intensity from "mild to wild" for the teens and adults. This is like riding a Bucking Bronco on the water. Challenge your friends or family who can stay on the longest, work together and try to stay on.



Fluidmotions is Pentictons only WSWBC insured and accredited ski and board school. This guarantees that each of our coaches has level 1 coaching certificates, "learn to ski and board" instructional courses, and first aid certificates. 


Ski & Wakeboard Lessons

60 Min Lessons                

30 Min Lessons                



All pricing includes instructor, boat, gas, gear & tunes.

Banana Boating

Banana Boat (Minimum 3 Riders)

  The Ogopogie (Minimum 4 Riders)

$20 per person

$20 per person

All rides are 15 minutes long. The banana boat has a max capacity of 8 riders. The Ogopogie has a max capacity of 10 riders. All Prices Include taxes.

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